Ridge Capping Repairs

Ridge capping refers to the material that’s installed where two tilted roof surfaces meet. Unfortunately, this can become damaged if subjected to inclement weather conditions and extreme temperature variations, both of which are common throughout Australia. This necessitates ridge capping repairs to replace broken mortar and prevent your property from being exposed to the elements.

At Federation Roofing, we’re proud to offer professional ridge capping repairs for homes and businesses alike. We can remove unsightly gaps and safeguard the integrity of your property by removing individual ridge cap tiles and replacing them with brand new ones. We can then provide repointing ridge capping to close all crevices and create an appealing finish.

The Importance of Ridge Capping Repairs

Damaged ridge capping can cause significant damage to your property in the long run, endangering occupants and costing exorbitant amounts of money to fix. Rain water can pour through exposed openings, damaging ceilings and affecting the structural integrity of your property. This increases the risk of ceilings collapsing and also promotes the growth of mould and mildew.

Although ridge capping is typically durable and long-lasting, it isn’t immune to damage, and various conditions can cause deterioration over time. For example, the expansion and contraction of supporting timbers due to temperature variations can break adhesion. Repairing and repointing ridge capping can rectify these structural issues and also help to improve the appearance of your property.

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