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At Federation Roofing, we’re proud to offer professional roof repair and roof restoration services for Ashburton homes and businesses. We’ve developed a reputation for our exceptional workmanship and customer service. We also have access to cutting-edge equipment and techniques to increase efficiency of our Melbourne roof repairs and guarantee an optimal outcome.

Our highly trained specialists can provide personalised services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you need your roof coating restored to improve heat reduction or you require thorough ridge capping repairs in Ashburton to prevent damaging leakages, our family owned and operated company has you covered.

Melbourne Roof Repairs

At Federation Flooring, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of Melbourne roof repairs. We can address aesthetic and structural damage caused by inclement weather, blistering temperatures and more. From repairing damaged tiles and eliminating leakages that threaten to cause additional structural damage through to restoring paintwork and repairing roof coating in order to improve interior insulation, there’s nothing we can’t do for your Ashburton roof.

Melbourne Roof Restoration

The passage of time and inclement weather conditions can affect the aesthetic value of your roof. Fortunately, the specialists at Federation Roofing can provide reliable and flexible solutions for Ashburton locals, including roof tile restoration in Melbourne. Our Melbourne roof restoration services include repointing and cementing, sealing and resealing, painting and repainting, high pressure cleaning, and more. We’re fully registered and insured, so you feel confident knowing that we’ll eradicate safety issues and get your roof looking its best.

Ridge Capping Repairs

If left unaddressed, damaged ridge capping caused by inclement weather and extreme temperature variations can cause significant problems. These problems don’t only cost exorbitant amounts of money to fix, but can also endanger people living or working inside the building, as rain can pour through exposed openings and increase the risk of a ceiling collapse. As part of our ridge capping repairs in Ashburton, we can replace broken mortar, remove unsightly gaps, safeguard the integrity of your property, and create an appealing finish by repointing ridge capping.

Roof Repointing

Although roof repointing is designed to be durable and long-lasting, exposure to extreme weather conditions and high temperatures can cause deterioration over time. Our roof repointing in Melbourne ensures your Ashburton property is sealed from outdoor elements such as water and dust. We use flexible compounds rather than cement mortar to achieve long-lasting results.

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